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Platform Update – Trading Room

We are working hard on Trading Room to give you an access to our promised free App. There is some delay on account of Bugs fixing. We are changing the platform matrix for the time being. We will go ahead with launching different modules through our Website while our App fixes all the necessary bugs.

Launching the Blog today : January 12th, 2019

Our Next Module will be “Trend Scanner – Binance” to be Launched on : January 18th of before

Further Launch Schedule will be updated on this page

Do follow our Twitter @tradingroomio for further updates

Please also bookmark for regulation market research, commentary & educational information.

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  • Thank you for everything that you do for this community I learn every day I’ve been trading for over 2 years on crypto stock market for 52 years I’m one of the older ones in the space that is lucky to get in early thank you again😀

  • awesome!


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