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RSI Scanner – How to use it ? Tips & Tricks by ChingasX

Trading Room recently launched Real Time RSI Scanner (delayed by few minutes at times)

We track over 300 Coin Pairs across 8 Time Frames, that is more than 2400 Charts in Real Time & bring you LIVE RSI Levels in one simple & easy to use Interface

If you are new & do not know much about RSI, i recommend you to watch our RSI Crash Course Video first. Check it Here

To make your life easy, we have created an explanatory video explaining how to use RSI Scanner. As always ChingasX is the presenter & has done a phenomenal job in simplifying how to use the RSI Scanner & has added some tips & tricks. Check the Video here. Dont forget to subscribe and share our YouTube channel with friends.

About ChingasX :

Chingas is quickly becoming a go-to educator and Technical Analyst on all forms of social media.  His roots have always been in the tech world from developing to building computers so the transition into Crypto was an obvious choice.  Like many, he found Bitcoin in early 2016 and dabbled in the concepts of mining and investing the following year.  It was 2017 when he discovered his passion for charting and TA and has since wanted to share all that he’s learned through the countless months of rigorous research and studying.  He has expressed his teachings thru mediums such as YouTube, Bit.TUBE, Discord and Twitter.  He’s put in the time, the effort and the work and has mastered how to turn that knowledge into an easy to understand format for traders and enthusiasts of all levels.

About Trading Room: 

Trading Room is a Fintech Media company. We are  innovating Technical Analysis tools & creating multiple platforms to help Traders & Investors to efficiently utilize their time to identify & execute Trade Setups. We intend to provide Free Education by using Sponsorship, Advertising & Crowd funding model. We will be using Google Adsense, as well as Direct Marketing.

For Advertising & Sponsorship inquiries, please contact

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Legal Disclaimer: All Information & Technical Analysis Modules are based on Proven Tech Analysis methods and strategies. However as always do your own research before taking any trading positions based on any on-line or social media posts including ours

What is RSI Scanner
RSI – When to use & when to ignore, Crash Course by ChingasX
Volume Scanner by Trading Room
Liquidity Index & Volume Scanner – LIVE Now

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