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What is Volume Indicator? Technical Analysis Tutorial by ChingasX

In our ongoing Education Series, Trading Room brings one more Episode of Technical Analysis tutorial in association with ChingasX.

This time we are focusing on Volume Indicator.

Volume Indicator can be effectively used to gauge breakouts, money flow, trend reversals, trend continuations as well as a confirmation of a “real” move in direction. In the following Video, ChingasX will elaborate more on.

What does the Volume Indicator actually represent?

  • Liquidity
  • Order Execution
  • Activity
  • Confluence of Price Action
  • Confirmation of a “real” move in direction
  • Strong and Weak Market Moves
  • Trend Continuation/Reversal
  • Volume Indicators – Volume/OBV
  • Money Flow
  • Breakouts
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Also dont forget to check out Volume Scanner to identify some juicy setups:

Remember Volume is just one of the indicator to identify Most Active Assets. Combine it with Price Action tools & you can identify some juicy trade setups.

In our Volume Scanner, We have included Daily Peak Moves & Real Time Fibonacci Levels to help you identify Most Active coins for the day. If you are a day trader or scalper you will love it. We also have a special Cheat Sheet Video by ChingasX on how to use Volume Scanner, Check it here.

Why Trading Room is developing these tools?

The main reason behind the development of these tools is to help you to save time, efficiently make your trading decisions. Anyone who can spend one hour a day can trade and make money by learning some simple techniques. We want you to stop wasting time in front of computer/mobile screens, trying to find trade setups.

Coming up next:

  • Market Monitor
  • Live Support & Resistance Levels
  • MA Crossovers
  • MA Distance Tracker
  • And lot more

Transparency Updates:

No lunch is free & eventually we need to monetize to in order to sustain our operations in long term. Let’s understand why we offer free platform and how we can sustain in long term.
Trading Room Team is a bunch of passionate traders, developers, designers & educators. We want to help spread the knowledge and help bring mass adoption of trading in general.
Trading Room is a for profit business. Yes that’s correct, we are not here for charity and therefore we will figure out the best possible avenues to monetize, and make this into a profitable endeavors. So, all stakeholders remain interested in the long term development of the project.
While the platform for Binance crypto will continue to be free, we may monetize by accepting advertisements, sponsorships, and offer white label solutions for crypto to other service providers, as well as launching paid plans for forex, stocks, commodities and derivatives or even other Crypto Exchanges.
Let me repeat, we intend to keep our technical analysis tools “free” for crypto for Binance Exchange which continues to be number 1 Exchange. The only exception is Alerts. If you want alerts, we can create them but they won’t be free. We need a different level of Infrastructure, developmental costs, data feeds & maintenance to create and maintain and therefore can’t be provided for free of cost.
However we will launch this service only if there is enough demand. If not let’s focus only on free modules for the time being.

About ChingasX :

Chingas is quickly becoming a go-to educator and Technical Analyst on all forms of social media.  His roots have always been in the tech world from developing to building computers so the transition into Crypto was an obvious choice.  Like many, he found Bitcoin in early 2016 and dabbled in the concepts of mining and investing the following year.  It was 2017 when he discovered his passion for charting and TA and has since wanted to share all that he’s learned through the countless months of rigorous research and studying.  He has expressed his teachings thru mediums such as YouTube, Bit.TUBE, Discord and Twitter.  He’s put in the time, the effort and the work and has mastered how to turn that knowledge into an easy to understand format for traders and enthusiasts of all levels.

Legal Disclaimer: All Information & Technical Analysis Modules are based on Proven Tech Analysis methods and strategies. However as always do your own research before taking any trading positions based on any on-line or social media posts including ours.

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