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My friend Andre created a fantastic indicator for TradingView that can plot MA (total 8) EMA (also 8) Ichimoku as well as Bollinger Bands. So in total you can try 18 different variation. He is giving it away for free to the trading community.
Here is the link

So I spoke to Andre about the indicator


Trading Room: So Andre what does the indicator do & how to use it?
Andre: So the main reason why I decided to code this indicator was because I was using a free account and I wanted to use multiple indicators such as EMA 12, EMA 26, EMA 55,EMA 200 ,RSI and MACD.
However as you know, a free TradingView Account only allows up to 3 indicators and the PRO version (9.95$ per month) allowed up to 5 indicators, the PRO+ version (19.95$ per month) allowed up to 10 indicators and the Premium version (39.95$ per month) allowed up to 25 indicators.
Since the main reason I created my twitter account was to show that anyone could learn crypto trading for free if they and also share my experience and all the with any new traders, I decided to check if I could just build what I needed and played around with Pine(Tradingview scripting language) and figured out that I could just add any indicator I was with one restriction, any indicators I coded could only be displayed on the same panel (this is due to Pine’s own limitations).
So I just arbitrarily chose to add 8 EMA, 8 MA, 1 BB, and 1 Ichimoku cloud into the same indicator which would be versatile enough to allow the user to use up to 8 EMA and 8 MA in 1 indicator and use the remaining 2 indicators to maybe choose MACD and RSI.
I also added the ability to hide/show any indicator on the fly and allowed the user to configure the different indicators’ settings as they see fit.
How to test the indicator:
  1. Log into tradingview and choose your currency pair (ex: BTCUSDT)
  2. Click on indicators and search for : Andre’s 8EMA+8MA+BB+Ichimoku
  3. Add it as an indicator
  4. Click on format and input configure the settings you need and click on the checkboxes to hide or show the indicators depending on your strategy.
On top of that I have created a small tutorial video for new users:
Once again here is the link where you can find the indicator
You can follow Andre on Twitter @Andre_S_Journey
Do let us know if you want us to post such content in future too. You may follow us on Twitter @tradingroomapp
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  • and also u can save more indicators upon templates. templates that r unnecessary
    so u cn hv more indicators…in different templates

  • Honestly amazing, need to share this with the CT community. Well done and thank you.

  • Wow, thank you! so nice of you, would be awesome to include Volume profile indicator.. Thanks for all your great work!

  • Sweeeeeeeeet just checked it out awesome stuff luv ya work

  • I’ll bookmark this for later. I’ll test it out to the current Swiss Army knife indicators I use.

    Someone mentioned templates. I do this. For example, I have a template for each of the following and they all have their own set of different indicators and color/theme schemes: Master, Scratch, S/R-Trend, SMA-EMA, Patterns, Cloud, Oscillators, Strats, 4X Global and 3X Scalp.

    It seems excessive but once setup it’s amazing for workflow. As I grow as a trader I use less and less indicators but I am always testing something that’s new to me. That’s where Scratch comes to play. Keeping things clean with a Master for general Price Action is beautiful. A quick look over at Ichi is enough to get a general idea of overall trend etc

    Anyway, long story short. I’m excited to put your indicator thru the ringer. Thank you.


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