Buying TRX/USDT for 22% & 41% Profit Targets

Trade Updates:

This Trade is closed on 14th Jan at 22% Profits. We will look to Buy Dips again. We will post new levels as and when we get some good entries. Ignore this trade entry levels from this point onwards at 10:16 UTC on Jan 14th 2018

TRX is up trending & had gone parabolic for last few days. Presently its testing a Key support Area which is most likely to hold. There is another Support Zone coming up around 0.0202 USDT

As soon as the Market Sentiment improves, i expect an uptick for a quick 10% & further potential of 22% initially with 41% Gains as an extended Target if TRX starts trending & takes parabolic route again. all Profit Target Projections are without leverage.

I am not considering any Fundamental event here, so check them separately

Going forward we will be documenting all Trade Ideas / Education / Trivia on the Blog here. Pls bookmark

We will post an update about the Platform launch as well later in the day today. Our Twitter Feed will be fairly limited for now until we are able to restore our original account. Pls follow @tradingroomio for all Twitter updates.

(Legal Disclaimer: The Trade Ideas & Education blog is intended to provide educational material. Please always do your own research & make informed trading decisions. This is not a financial advice)

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Platform Update – Trading Room

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